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Welcome to Lemming MediaWiki!
This is a wiki where you can have fun, chat, and play in sandbox pages

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30 December 2023

  • Soon, the wiki will have 1 year since it first opened!

2 March 2024

  • The wiki will have an update (for real this time), date will be announced soon since the ideas are not made yet. Be prepared!

25 March 2024

  • It's getting better!...

12 May 2024

  • The main page is in renovation.

Important Announcements


  • Rules are coming next week, and once they come, please read it.


  • The wiki is back here and updates will be done as soon as i can :)



  • Important Announcements will be replaced with something else in the future.

Other wikis

  • Lemming DokuWiki (not 24/7) - A sandbox and experimentation wiki, running the latest version of DokuWiki.


On Lemming MediaWiki, you can contribute by:

  • Adding/editing articles,
  • Fixing and polishing pages,

and more coming soon...