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This article is about templates and how to use them.

How to make a template

Step 1

  • Register an account (on all Miraheze wikis)
  • Or log in to your account if you have one.

Step 2

  • Create a page named whatever you want, just at the beginning to include the template namespace "Template:"

Step 3

  • Add whatever you want to the template.

Step 4 (Final Step)

  • To import your template that you made on a page, put 2 brackets at the beginning and at the end like this:
{{Your template here}}

And you're done!

Used Templates

This part covers the templates used on the wiki.

Work in Progress (WIP)

Used when a page isn't finished.


Page Fix

Used when a page has many flaws.


Sandbox Sub-Page Redirect

Used when a Sandbox page is made, to redirect to that sub-page. If used in a user page, make sure to include the User namespace like this (User:Sandbox:(page name))


Contributions Redirect

Similarly, to the Sandbox sub-page redirect, this one redirects to a user's contributions. Only intended for user pages.

User contributions
User contributions